Easy Desserts to Make at Home

Our mission is Quiero Postre to become your daily inspiration so you can make amazing homemade desserts for your friends and family. In this blog you will find easy desserts to make at home, like those sweet delicacies that our grandmothers and mothers used to make us.

Easy Dessert Recipes to Make at Home

Quiero Postre was born from the idea of sharing easy and traditional recipes with all of you who love desserts. We want to bring these delicacies to the table and to those who are interested in sweetening their lives and the lives of those around them. Your cooking knowledge won´t be a problem. All our step-by-step recipes have been written to guide everyone in the kitchen from beginners to master chefs. Throughout our childhood and adolescence we have tasted desserts that have remained in our memories. For that reason some of us spend a lifetime looking for “the dessert” to feel again that texture and flavour that impacted us so much. In this blog we hope you can find the ones you are looking for and experience happiness again 🙂

Latest Desserts Recipes

The Dessert

Dessert is the finishing touch to any meal. Having something sweet invites us to celebrate a lively after-lunch conversation and to continue our day with a good taste in our mouths.

Who are we?

Hi, I’m Blanca! One summer day in 2020 I came up with the idea of making a carrot cake for Victor. We ate it in the blink of an eye between the two of us. The next day we were launching this dessert blog.

I´d like dessert!

Celebrating meals with a finishing sweet touch is already part of our customs. Would you like some dessert?” How many times have you been asked this question? Surely many. Quiero Postre means “I´d like dessert” in Spanish.

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